F.B.R. SERVICE is a dealer and authorized CROWCON service station.
Crowcon is a world leader in the field of high quality fixed and portable mono and multi-gas instrumentation for the detection of flammable and toxic gases.

Crowcon portable detectors are able to monitor the presence up to a maximum of five different gases and thanks to the presence of a pump (integrated in the instrument or manual) they also allow remote sensing, ideal for sampling the atmosphere inside a closed space.
The strengths of these units are their robustness (IP67 waterproof and IP65 dustproof) and lightness in addition to the long battery life as the devices are designed to be used as personal gas detectors.

FBR in its equipped laboratory performs Calibration, Review and Fault research, releasing the necessary calibration and operation certificates.


Analizzatori Gas


I modelli di punta della gamma degli analizzatori portatili Crowcon sono Gas-Pro, Tetra3 e T4: di facile utilizzo grazie al funzionamento con un solo tasto, è presente la modalità di controllo del tempo medio di esposizione TWA (Time Weighted Average) ideale per contollare le lunghe esposizioni anche a basse concentrazioni di gas, dotati di display con rotazione automatica per essere sempre visibili dagli utilizzatori, allarme sonoro a 95 dB con flash intermittente e vibrazione, è inoltre presente una memoria interna in grado di registrare ogni evento.

Infine Gas-Pro e T4 sono gli unici sul mercato dotati di indicatore di stato (Positive Safety) un led che mostra immediatamente lo stato di funzionamento delle unità.

  • Analizzatori Gas
  • Analizzatori Gas
  • Analizzatori Gas
  • Analizzatori Gas


Crowcon Analizzatori Gas

To comply with the entry into force of the SOLAS XI-1/7, F.B.R. Service company that works in the field of naval automation for over twenty years, as dealer and service Crowcon wants to put to your attention the presentation of its products compliant with SOLAS XI-1/7, ATEX certified and MED approved.

Crowcon, a world leader in the field of portable and fixed gas detection instruments, announces that the Gas-Pro and T4 multi-gas detectors comply with the SOLAS XI-1/7 directive, which came into force on July 1, 2016.

The Crowcon Gas-Pro Portals detectors are able to monitor the presence up to a maximum of five different gases, including all the gases indicated by the SOLAS X1-1 / 7 directive. The instruments use an integrated pump that allows sampling the atmosphere inside a closed space.

The T4 detectors with manual aspirator provide an excellent alternative solution for sampling indoor atmospheres. This lightweight and robust unit can withstand a drop-test of up to 4 meters in height, making it ideal for use on board a ship. The 18-hour battery life ensures long periods of use before recharging is necessary.

The Gas-Pro and T4 detectors are the only ones on the market with a status indicator (Positive Safety) that immediately shows the operating status of the units. In addition to being suitable for performing mandatory entry controls in enclosed spaces, both devices are designed to also be used as personal gas detectors.

Crowcon Gas-Pro and T4 detectors meet all the requirements to ensure the safety of personnel entering or working in confined spaces and fully comply with the new SOLAS XI-1/7 regulations, ATEX certified and MED approved.

SOLAS XI-1/7 Regulations - Confined Spaces

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