In 2002 KOBELT appointed FBR SERVICE as the first distributor and authorized service station in Italy.

KOBELT MANUFACTURING CO. Ltd, a Canadian company world leader in the field of steering systems: offering the ideal solutions for every type of boat (pleasure boats, work boats, hydrofoils, passengers, tugboats, dredgers, supply vessels, etc.)

FBR SERVICE follows every part of the processing from the design to the approval of drawings and materials, from the tests to the connections of the plants, from the functional tests to the delivery both to the client and to the classification bodies.

Thanks to its experience, FBR SERVICE executes customized implementations of its systems, making them interfaceable with external systems, such as Dynamic Position, Autopilot ....)

FBR-Kobelt-Steering (eng)

  • Kobelt Timoneria e Thrusters
  • Kobelt Timoneria e Thrusters
  • Kobelt Timoneria e Thrusters
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