• Hydrofoil
    Engine controls, Steering, Electric cabinets
  • Cruise Ship
    Pneumatic Fire Doors
  • Super Yacht
    15ppm Bilge Alarm
  • Support Vessel
    Engine and Steering Controls, Engine monitoring


kobelt comandi motori

Kobelt engine controls and steering systems. Safe and reliable solutions for the command and control of the movement of every type of boat.


pneumatic automation

Experience and ability to work on pneumatic automation systems. Specialists in fire doors and pneumatic controls.

15 PPM Bilge Alarm

15 PPM bilge Alarm

Maintenance, revisioning and working tests for 15 ppm bilge alarm and oily water separators.

Naval Automation since 1994

F.B.R. Service s.r.l. is an Italian company based in the Port of Genoa specialized in the design, construction and maintenance of marine automation systems.


The specific multi-year experience in the field of Naval Automation has allowed F.B.R. Service to win the trust of its increasingly numerous customers.

Technical-instrumental updating, reliability, the convenience and the collaboration with established International Partners are the distinctive values of our company.

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