FBR SERVICE was founded in 1994 by MECCANICA TURBO DIESEL (leading company in the Turbocharger sector) in the heart of the port of Genoa, within the Naval Repairs Area, operating in the field of Naval and Industrial Automation technology.

Our quayside position covers 300 square meters of offices and fully equipped workshop suitable for any type of work.

Our highly specialized staff has decades decades of experience in the installation, maintenance and overhaul of Pneumatic, Electronic and Electrical systems and instrumentation.

In addition to new designs and installations F.B.R. SERVICE modifies, revisions and refurbishes and existing systems supplying drawings, approval certificates and updated documentation aalong with maximum applicable guarantees.

F.B.R. SERVICE operates as distributor and service center for:

We have major experience in REXROTH / NABCO Pneumatic Systems, as well as the maintenance and regulation (according to current regulations) of AP MARINE, KAEFER (DSG), BIMBA and FESTO fire doors.

The company guarantees qualified technical support at particularly competitive prices. The seriousness and professionalism of the organization ensures 24 hour staff availability for prompt response to customer needs.

System development makes use of the most up-to-date technologies in order to minimize installation costs and reduce the probability of failure.
All interventions are carried out in compliance with the in force regulations and are recorded and classified ensuring technical assistance for the entire life span of the products supported by a global spare parts service.

The strengths that have allowed the F.B.R. SERVICE to win the trust of its ever increasing clients are the quality materials and quality service based on the reliability of many years of experience in the field of automation.


The main objective of FBR SERVICE is to satisfy the customer, creating a relationship of trust that is clear and reliable.

At the heart of our commitment we provide the customer:

  • Professional and valid technical advice in order to provide the most suitable solutions for every need.
  • Information on how the work will be developed in all its phases (design, installation and after-sales).
  • Peace of mind that the manufacture and installation will be performed by highly qualified personnel using quality materials in compliance with in force regulations.


  • Amico & Co
  • Amico Loano
  • Augusta Due
  • Avvenente
  • Bambini
  • Bimotor
  • Cantiere Navale Vittoria
  • Carbofin
  • Carmelo Noli
  • CGT – Compagnia Generale Trattori
  • Costa Crociere
  • Elbana di Navigazione
  • Gennaro
  • Gestione Governativa Navigazione Laghi
  • Grandi Navi Veloci
  • Ignazio Messina & C.
  • IBR Sistemi
  • Il Sestante
  • IML Motori
  • Ireti
  • Italian Scandinavian Ships Supply
  • Jobson Italia
  • Levantina Trasporti
  • Liberty Lines
  • LNG Shipping
  • Mak Offshore
  • Marina Militare
  • Marnavi
  • Micoperi
  • Moby
  • Navalimpianti
  • Navigazione Lago d'Iseo
  • Neri Group
  • Nuova Co.Ed.Mar.
  • Oromare
  • PMT Elettromeccanica
  • Rimorchiatori Riuniti Spezzini
  • San Marco Shipping
  • Ship System
  • Sirtec
  • T-Bulk
  • T. Mariotti
  • Teknoxgroup
  • Tirrenia
  • V Ships
  • Visentini Giovanni Trasporti
  • Vremar
  • Vroon Offshore
  • Vulkan
  • Zeta
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